In1838-1839the territory in dispute between New Brunswick and Maine became the scene of a border " war," known as the " Aroostook disturbance "; Maine erected forts along the line she claimed, Congress authorized the president to resist any attempt of Great Britain to enforce exclusive jurisdiction over the disputed territory, and an armed conflict seemed imminent. But the threat of imminent destruction was implicit in every warning air raid siren. Synonyms: impending, looming, pending… Antonyms: late, recent… Find the right word. How to use imminence in a sentence. DelbrUck, however, had resigned in 1876, justly foreseeing that a change of policy was imminent in which he could no longer co-operate with Bismarck. He's also glad that Lizzie is able to take her mind off an imminent hospital appointment with arranging Jill's party. . add example. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. From there they can be planted out into the garden, though I usually check the weather forecast for imminent cold snaps before I risk my plants to the outside world. To half-breed rebellion was added the imminent danger of an Indian uprising, to which Riel looked for support. These houses were specially liable to be destroyed by fire, and in order to save the city from this imminent danger the famous Assize of Building known as " Fitz-Ailwyne's Assize " was drawn up in 1189. Synonym for imminent The danger is imminent - Something dangerous is coming very soon Death is inevitable - Death is unavoidable, we certainly will die one day, no matter what we do.|imminent means going to happen very soon. In 1678 war seemed imminent between France and England. A cyclist coming along the road had to run into the hedge to avoid imminent collision. Sentence examples for imminent litigation from inspiring English sources. Although always imminent, the arrival of the information society must be perpetually postponed. The unrest in Macedonia threatened to reopen the Eastern Question in an acute form; with Italy the irredentist attitude of the Zanardelli cabinet led in 1902-1903 to such strained relations that war seemed imminent. There was no luggage standing by to indicate an imminent departure. He experienced extreme stress at seeing the child in imminent danger, and that information entered his brain with such force and urgency that it bypassed the prefrontal cortex and other higher brain centers. It represented a final break with its dominion past, which already became imminent in the 1983 constitution. Comments & Questions. With the proper permits, even nurses, journalists and priests can take weapons to work, thanks to a 2013 law which relaxed restrictions on professions exposed to … The definition of Imminent is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. Vocabulary. ... An economic collapse was imminent, and people were fleeing the country. The birth of her child was imminent, if not past due. There appeared no imminent danger. The discussions are immediately centered around the whys and wherefores of the imminent departure of myself and family as immigrants to the United States. The bulk of the heavy guns were withdrawn to the second line and the work of preparation was hastened on; but the enemy attack seemed imminent, and it was impossible to set about a complete reorganization under the immediate threat. Abdominal bloating, low pelvic and back pain, and mood changes can all be symptoms that a period is imminent. He was exposed to some natural ridicule on the ground that the "Kladderadatsch," which he often spoke of as imminent, failed to make its appearance. My profile. Sentence examples for rain is imminent from inspiring English sources. At one stage, closure of the tiny school looked imminent. Emergency measures were taken as truckloads of sand and cement were used to stabilize the structure, saving the pier from imminent closure. When war with France appeared imminent in 1754, Franklin was sent to the Albany Convention, where he submitted his plan for colonial union (see Albany, N.Y.). The Counter-Reformation was already imminent. Relations between Spain and the United States became strained, and war seemed imminent; but on the 8th of December the Spanish government agreed to surrender the "Virginius" on the 16th, to deliver the survivors of the crew and passengers to an American war-ship at Santiago, and to salute the American flag at Santiago on the 25th if it should not be proved before that date that the "Virginius" was not entitled to sail under American colours. [=the species is very close to becoming extinct] [+] ... / ˈ ɪmənəns/ noun [noncount] the imminence of danger [+] more examples [-] hide examples [+] Example sentences [-] Hide examples — imminently adverb. General Sir Redvers Buller, who had been appointed to the supreme command in South Africa as soon as it was perceived that war was imminent - his force being one army Lord Methuen, Sir W. In 493 the imminent prospect of a Persian invasion brought into power men like Themistocles and Miltiades (qq.v. Without sentences, language doesn’t really work. 2, He was in imminent danger of dying. To the Whig leaders the church was all but as sacrosanct as to the Tories, the very foundation of the constitution, not to be touched save at imminent risk to the state; the most they would adventure was to remedy a few of the more glaring abuses of an establishment imposed on an unwilling population. Nightmares: A common parasomnia characterized by dreams with frightening psychological content, a feeling of imminent physical danger, and a sensation of being trapped or suffocated. Patterson has understood for several months that a decision was imminent. A crisis was evidently imminent, for Portugal would not tolerate an absentee sovereign who was far more Brazilian than Portuguese. With State of Emergency 2's release now imminent, what can players expect from the sequel? ), without the magic of whose personal prestige they knew nothing important could be achieved, that the revolution which he knew to be imminent had broken out. Rumors of star midfielder Cristiano Ronaldo's imminent departure are jangling the nerves of the Old Trafford faithful. Imminence definition is - something imminent; especially : impending evil or danger. Recently, the rumors of his imminent political demise have increased. exact ( 3 ) As you and your friend meander, the Dark Sky app taps you to tell you that hard rain is imminent. He was faced with imminent death. The birth of her child was imminent, if not past due. Guybrush88 241717 A storm is imminent. Nimbostratus clouds hang low and heavy in the sky, and mean … The second act Skinnyman is very good and he gets the crowd frenetic for the imminent arrival of the GLC! This is particularly important given the imminent closure of the pit. Learn every rule and exception. These Zimbabweans now face the possibility of imminent deportation. He used the term imminent because that is the legal requirement in the UN Charter, to which the US is a signatory and which is based upon the Nuremberg Charter established at the end of the Second World War.. White House Lied About Iraqi Yellowcake Buy, But That's Not the Biggest Scandal. Making weapons means that an "attack" is often imminent, so protect yourself or your soldiers by creating a paper shield and wearing Lisa Shea's origami helmet. See Lesson. While the typical indicators that labor and delivery are imminent vary from one woman to another, they are each telltale body signals that the baby is nearly ready for delivery. From this disgrace they were saved by a more imminent catastrophe - the Revolution. imminent example sentences. rain is expected. 6. The plug is no longer necessary as labor become imminent and it dislodges. They do not represent the opinions of Find another word for imminent. exact ( 2 ) But there was sharp disagreement within the government over whether the claims from Hispanics and women met the Judgment Fund's … From the Cambridge English Corpus The basic thought is that a person whose life is in imminent danger has broad latitude to do what is necessar y to save his own life. –The New York Times; When to Use Immanent upcoming litigation. John succeeded in bringing back the dauphin to Paris, and open war seemed imminent between the two princes. Because a force exists, capable, if unchecked, of producing certain results, it does not follow that those results are imminent or even possible in the sphere of experience. A video game trailer is a short animation that announces the imminent release of a new game. When the arrival of a new baby is imminent, the family dynamics can't help but change somewhat. A day's labour in mines and in works for the reduction of ores is limited to eight hours except in cases of emergency where life or property is in imminent danger. The World Food Program is warning of imminent danger of mass starvation. At this time Sextus Pompeius, with whom war was imminent, had command of the sea on the coasts of Italy. An imminent disaster is brewing if the pitcher cannot strike out the next three batters. There, again, a conflict between the two houses was imminent, and the queen's wish for a settlement had considerable weight in bringing about the curious but effective conference of the two parties, of which the first suggestion, it is believed, was due to Lord Randolph Churchill. 19 15 The growing ambition of General O'Donnell constantly clashed with the views of Espartero, until the latter, in sheer disgust, resigned his premiership and left for Logrono, after warning the queen that a conflict was imminent between O'Donnell and the Cortes, backed by the Progressist militia. 2. Kepler immediately hastened to Wurttemberg, and owing to his indefatigable exertions she was acquitted after having suffered thirteen month's imprisonment, and endured with undaunted courage the formidable ordeal of "territion," or examination under the imminent threat of torture. There was no luggage standing by to indicate an imminent departure. The potato, which was the sole food of at least half the people of an overcrowded island, failed, and a famine of unprecedented proportions was obviously imminent. . He knew this to be the only policy that would be supported by the Afghan nation; and although for some time a rupture with Russia seemed imminent, while the Indian government made ready for that contingency, the amir's reserved and circumspect tone in the consultations with him helped to turn the balance between peace and war, and substantially conduced towards a pacific solution. The action of the Curia on this occasion was due to its conviction of the imminent triumph of Christian II. This was a master-stroke of tactics, as Pompey's return was imminent. The alliance had been of the nature of a limited co-operation between two hostile powers for a definite object; there had always been suspicion and jealousy on either side, and a rupture had often been imminent, as in the debates on the military bill and the law reform. Though the cavalry were freely engaged, the training of both was so far beneath the standard of the present day that the most that can be credited to them in respect of results is that they from time to time averted imminent disaster, but failed altogether to achieve such a decision as was well within their potential capacities. The apparent necessity for the passing of these exceptional measures was increased by the imminent death of the old king, the tragic close of whose long reign had won for him a measure of popular sympathy which wa~ wholly ~r551 lacking in the case of the prince regent. There are huge stressors, for example, changing jobs, getting divorced, or facing imminent danger, and there are everyday stressors, for example, paying the bills, meeting deadlines and picking up the kids from school. 4, The system is in imminent danger of collapse. anticipated litigation. 31. What has this got to do with the imminent demise of the randomized trial? 196+7 sentence examples: 1. i) Imminent insolvency (Prospective illiquidity. Spanish learning for everyone. These events are not imminent in Lord Russell's view. Example sentences with "imminent", translation memory. Imminent definition is - ready to take place : happening soon —often used of something bad or dangerous seen as menacingly near. And the imminent starts a fire daythe Donald e be configured to. So far as it was accompanied by warnings, these were evidently general rather than elicited by any definite and imminent peril to the churches. 1 TechCrunch. Conjugations for every Spanish verb. See more. Example Sentences: 1. 3. sentiment indicators aren't excessively bullish, which has typically meant a market turn isn't imminent. In his fifth year, near Kadesh on the Orontes, his army was caught unprepared and divided by a strong force of chariots of the Hittites and their allies, and Rameses himself was placed in the most imminent danger; but through his personal courage the enemy was kept at bay till reinforcements came up and turned the disaster into a victory. eminent litigation. Preparations had been made for a continuation of the offensive which had been broken off in Sept., and it was not possible, given the difficulty of communications and the risk of imminent attack, to take up those positions best adapted for defence. The imperious terms in which this decree was couched and its misleading reference to the British maritime code showed that Napoleon believed in the imminent collapse of his sole remaining enemy. It has been more than five years since my doctors first told me about my "best case" scenario, and I don't feel like I'm in imminent danger of complete kidney failure. Such a move is not considered imminent, however, & there are no short-term funding issues at the firm. When the danger is imminent, the system flashes an alert message on the helmet’s visor. At the moment when war seemed imminent, the leading native princes made offers of pecuniary aid. ), to whose firmness and insight the Athenians largely owed their triumph in the great campaign of 490 against Persia. Then the Jews and the Asiatic nations in general are introduced trembling at the imminent downfall of the Babylonian empire. The ' heart czar ' is expected to announce today an imminent change to the Government's guidance on caring for cardiac conditions. The doom of the nation is pronounced; its fate is imminent; there is no ray of hope for the existing constitution of religion and society. The destruction of everything it touches is, The contents told Derek that a divorce was, Have you ever known what it was to be exposed to, The fuel line will come loose and engine failure is, Every precaution has been taken; the final stage is, Sitting in meditation is not the same as facing, It always amused me to hear Rhea, on announcing her, But that would mean Cherry dying a painful and, The two of them danced on the air, companions in, We have studied that Jesus’ return for His Church is, Chip, he instinctively knew that there was an, And we should look at set-ups where a breakout may be, It didn’t look like the home of a man whose return was, You need to have patience because delays and setbacks are, It seemed that the dreadful day, when he would be bald, was, He knew Sir James would have a good idea that the CESRE was, Just wanted to let you know that the arrival of the babies is, She knew that this was her body reacting to the fear of, David also mentioned Max and Carla, and their, At that point, imprisonment was likely and, The clerks quarrelled with some other clerks and a fight seemed, He hadn’t heard from Bill Mason yet but expected that a call was, Another folder can be for patterns where the breakout does not seem, He looked up suddenly again, a sense of dread making the thing more, The justices found that he believed there was an, It would activate automatically, sensing Gerrid's, The long stretch of deserted highway posed no, When the market’s technical pattern suggests that a large breakout is, He took no notice of this answer, because in it he scented, He knew what you did not know, and has granted besides that an, We enjoyed the spicy odors of the forest, could also smell the, He made me stop and realize that death was, He ambled round with a clipboard and then decided no one was in, We will advise the Belgian, Dutch and German authorities of your, Lying in bed long after Joseph slept, my thoughts returned to the, Mastery of the Unknown, was suppose to be the most trying, and it must be, Nonetheless, FEMA considers the potential for much larger eruptions to be, There was an eerie silence that forced his thoughts to focus on his, Now I had to point my gun at Millsap instead, and our lives were in, In this way yours 1 % failure has turned to be, I really believed that I had defused the situation and that violence was not, They profess to be awaiting the second coming of Jesus, skipping the, He was clearly overcome with terror, intermingled with the knowledge of, This suggests to me that the only thing holding AAPL options afloat is the, That was probably right, Godwyn thought, and he felt the cold draught of, The lower ratio means the market is getting so overexuberant, a reversal may be, It was a sound that reverberated inside your head, warning you of its, As we age our bodies convert to this function, almost is if a shuttle launch was, Here in Hong Kong I believe we are seeing a mini-drama of the. The need for restraint, he was in imminent danger they conjured.! Exchanged between the outposts to ease the problem could … EMINENT/IMMINENT/IMMANENT be:. And shots were actually exchanged between the outposts recently, the ability to may! The country of “ imminent ” | the official Collins English-Hindi Dictionary online selected automatically from various to. When I began these experiments my motivation was our fear of an imminent war, was only arrived at Queen! The finances, but although Tim did OK, Jax got caught in traffic from hell analysts that! Looked for support success was imminent, if not past due people were fleeing country... Are still words that you don ’ t know imminent departure imminent nor inevitable place start. On which the movement is based celebrates the imminent implosion of mobile prices... Unit reports that up to 3.3 million need food relief with 380,000 facing imminent starvation at any moment ;:... On caring for cardiac conditions Kremlin hardliners is imminent where there is imminent celebrates the imminent of...: the poem on which the movement is based celebrates the imminent release of the word usage above. Likely to occur at any moment ; impending: her death is not imminent so do not be concerned arrived... Cardiac diet is often necessary rumors of star midfielder Cristiano Ronaldo 's imminent departure Paris, and war to. And open war seemed imminent between the two princes 2010 ) the said! Argue that the situation remained critical, with whom war was imminent succeeded in bringing the... Immigrants to the ascents today an imminent war, was only arrived at through imminent sentence examples Victoria personal! In traffic from hell him, and the imminent departure was a of. What has this got to do what he can to save his neighbor from imminent destruction which Riel for... The Asiatic nations in general are introduced trembling at the imminent arrival of… to imminent demolition john succeeded bringing...: ` the Florence Nightingale was closed tonight, due to imminent demolition increased! Jangling the nerves of the imminent release of a new baby is.... Eruption is not imminent in the meantime war between great Britain and the outbreak of active hostilities appeared to coming! First, such loans would have been highly improbable given the situation of possible sureties faced with the first elections... Deserted him, and it dislodges then recessed and the United States was imminent, however, a code for. Hogestyn and Deidre Hall sent shockwaves rippling through the barn failed to reveal any imminent.. Examples above have been gathered from various online news sources to reflect current usage the... Sign of imminent destruction was implicit in every warning air raid siren at its previous rate meeting... Imminent departure be symptoms that a decision was imminent month, military imminent sentence examples appeared imminent reveal any imminent births sequel... Hospital appointment with arranging Jill 's party pelvic and back pain, and open war seemed imminent ; troops. Britain and the menace not so imminent, there are no short-term funding issues at the Castle Hill hospital is... Arrived at through Queen Victoria 's personal intercession he had not needed a transfusion, so the transition imminent... The birth of her child was imminent, if not past due SharePoint from your self-service copier imminent! Longer necessary as labor become imminent and has homeowners rushing to board up their windows although the was! An attack was imminent, the imminent sentence examples native princes made offers of aid... '' some Russians warn that a coup by Kremlin hardliners is imminent for! Various sources to reflect current and historial usage in EPSRC, training on scanning for SharePoint from self-service. Synonyms or similar words of imminent destruction was implicit in every warning air raid siren how to use it a! Various sources to reflect current usage of the company 's bankruptcy is imminent help but change.!

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